Notice of emergency road closure of the C120 Watton Road in Great Cressingham 5-11 March 2021; please click on the link to see details:  Road closure 


Please click on the link to see the Police Newsletter March 2021

There is a vacancy on the Parish Council.  If you would like to be a Councillor please speak to the Chairman, Tony Abel, on 07836 338100.  Notice of Vacancy - see attached: Notice of Vacancy


Please click on the link to see the Signpost newsletter February 2021 - Signpost Feb 2021

Notice of Highways work taking place on the Saham Toney-Watton road : 8-12 March 2021

Please click on the link to see details - newly redecorated (and re-stocked)telephone box library


                                                      INFORMATION FROM THE NHS

Just a reminder from the NHS in Norfolk and Waveney about how to help us help you this winter.
All of us should be making sure our medicine cabinets are stocked. It’s also sensible to order any regular medicines you need in good time so you don’t run out, taking care to only order what you need. But if you do feel poorly, seek advice from your local pharmacist before it gets worse. If it’s urgent, then a call to your GP or NHS111 is the next step, and they’ll advise you what to do.


Common sickness bugs

Suffering from norovirus or other common sickness bugs? Don’t spread it around by visiting your GP or other public places. Stay at home and rest. #HelpUsHelpYou

Find more advice here


HomeFirst – your bed is the best bed!

None of us want to go into hospital or a care bed, but if we do it’s good to get home if we can. The NHS and social care across all of Norfolk and Waveney are stressing that if someone needs a hospital or temporary care bed they will get one, but our aim is always to help people get back home as soon as possible. This is because older
people in particular can lose independence rapidly. Being back home can also help a speedier recovery. So if you know a friend or relative, particularly if they are older, who has to go into hospital it would be kind to make sure they have all they need to get back home, including checking the heating works and they will have food in the
house, the washing is done and they feel OK.


New Year, New You

With the start of a New Year people’s thoughts turn to getting fit and improving their health. To stay healthy or improve health, adults need to do two types of physical activity each week: aerobic and strength exercises.

How much physical activity you need to do each week depends on your age. Adults aged 65 or older who are generally fit and have no health conditions that limit their mobility should try to be active daily by doing at least 150 minutes of moderate aerobic activity such as cycling or walking, and strength exercises on two or more
days a week.


Why not join a local walking group, go for a swim or join a local class, your library should have information about groups near you. There are many local services that can enable older people to be more active. A wealth of information can be found through the Norfolk Community Directory.



The Parish Council have bought and installed 2 dog foul bins,

1 for School Road and 1 in Green Lane. Please use them and

encourage those that don't !! (see below)


Reporting those who do not clear up after their dog,

reporting pot-holes and other things!

If you see dog mess that has not been picked up or bags that may have been tossed to the side of the path or verge please can you go to it is important that Breckland and the dog warden are kept up to date with dog fouling in the area.

For pot-holes please click on

Thank you

For anything else such as abandoned cars, anti-social behaviour, fly-tipping and many more please click on the link below which will take you to the Breckland Council Report It page.




Little Cressingham & Threxton Parish Council

Contact Melanie Cousins (Parish Clerk) - 07840 814417

Rose Cottage

The Street

North Pickenham

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